Venture Capitalism

PJS Group believes that nurturing talent is the first step in moving towards a brighter and better tomorrow. With this philosophy in mind, the Group seeks to collaborate with forward thinking start-ups across a broad spectrum of industries as financial and strategic partners.

As an investment partner, PJS Group seeks to give momentum to visionary business plans. With an aim to add value and create meaningful businesses, the group not only offers capital investment but also gives their partners a privileged access into their large and prolific network that includes leaders and experts across industries. As a group, we are committed to providing entrepreneurs with a platform that combines capital funds with strategic management expertise and informed insights of industry leaders.

The Group adds value in terms by offering venture and growth capital, strategic guidance and mentoring to start-ups in established and emerging markets. The Group works with the goal to create long lasting relationships with entrepreneurs and management teams in order to create successful businesses out of great ideas.